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Sri. V. Vasudevan - Guru

V. Vasudevan is a Yogi and Scholar who dedicated his life for learning and practising various facets of Indian knowledge systems over three decades. He started his career as a Yoga teacher at Ayurveda College, Coimbatore and an exponent of Ayurveda and Indian philosophy. Later, under the aegis of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Cbe) Ltd, established Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam and was assigned to the position of Trustee and Director. He has been the member of the Board of studies for Kalaripayattu at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya affiliated to Vivekananda University

Over the years he has put lots of effort to preserve Ayurveda and Yoga in their true spirit. As a teacher he has proven record in imparting the tenets of scriptures authentically to his students across the world

He has travelled a lot, with a mission of spreading the message of Ayurveda and Yoga world over. Blessed with oratory talent, has done presentations in various national and international conferences and seminars on Ayurveda, Yoga and allied disciplines. His spiritual wisdom and intuitiveness always reflects on his teachings and practice of Ayurveda. He has been engaged in conducting spiritual discourses and some of them are being telecasted by channels in Kerala

Under the tutelage of his Guru Brahmasri Poomully Neelakanthan Nambudiripad, he had mastered various disciplines like Sanskrit, Tarka, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Yoga, Darsanas, Jyothisha, Upanishads, Kerala Martial Art – Kalaripayattu and so on

The benevolent and paternal affection of his Guru gave him the opportunity to learn with him for more than two decades and put him in the path of eternal wisdom

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