Advance Panchakarma Training in Ayurveda

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Advance Panchakarma Training in Ayurveda

The course introduces students to various Ayurveda therapies, including Panchakarma and Kerala special therapies with special emphasis on practical aspects. It enables students to use these techniques in the health and therapeutic practices as well. The Yoga training will be useful in health management.


Duration of the course is 6 weeks

Course Fee

Fees for the course is 1,000 $

Yearly Schedule

1st February - 15th March

16th March - 30th April

1st May - 15th June

16th June - 31st July

1st August - 15th September

16th September - 31st October

1st November - 15th December

16th December - 31st January

Ayurveda – Theory

  Ayurvedotpathi (Origin of Ayurveda)

  Moolasidhantha (Basic principles)

  Swasthavritha (Preventive and Health aspects)

  Medicinal Herbs – familiarisation of necessary items for therapeutic purpose.

  Bhaishajya Kalpana – Simple method of preparing medicines

  Therapies -Introduction to Sodhana (purificatory) and Samana (palliative) therapies

  Significance and use of therapies.

Ayurveda – Practical

  Swedanam   Siro Dhara   Udwarthanam
  Virechanam   Kabalam   Ulsadanam
  Matra Vasthi   Gandoosham   Karnapooranam 
  Nasyam   Podikizhi    Anjanam
  Abhyangam   Elakizhi   Aschyotanam
  Pizhichil   Ekanga Dhara   Mukha Lepam
  Pichu   Dhoomapanam   Kati Vasthi

Preparation of Medicines

  Kashayam (Decoction)

  Swarasam (Juices)

  Choornam (Herbal Powder)

  Thailam (Medicated oils)

  Ghritam (Medicated Ghee)

Yoga - Practical (Optional)

  Surya namaskar

  12 Basic Asanas and variations

  Yoga Nidra - Relaxation

  Pranayama - Nadisudhi