Ayurveda and Sanskrit

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Ayurveda and Sanskrit

The course intends to introduce any serious student into various facets of Ayurveda with a firm grounding and a clear perspective in Ayurveda principles and their applications. It enables one to use therapies in health practices and educate students in the basics of Ayurveda. The study of Sanskrit (optional) helps them to have a clear idea of the technical terms and it paves the way to delve deep into the subject. The course gives a strong foundation to do further studies. Yoga training is for health management.


Duration of the course is 3 Months

Course Fee

Fees for the course is 90,000 INR.

Yearly Schedule

1st March - 31st May
1st June - 31st August
1st September - 30th November
1st December - 28th February

Ayurveda – Theory

  Origin, History and Traditions of Ayurveda

  Fundamental Principles –in relation to Vedas and Indian Knowledge systems

  Preventive and Health aspects

  Principles of Ayurveda Dietetics

  Ayurveda Physiology, Anatomy and Pathologyc

  Poorvakarma (Preparatory Therapies)

  Panchakarma (Main Therapies)

  Paschatkarma (Supplementary Therapies)

  Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy

  Medicinal preparations

  Study of selected classical medicines available in Pharmacy

  Diagnosis and treatment of selected diseases

Ayurveda – Practical

  Swedanam    Siro Dhara   Karnapooranam
  Virechanam   Kabalam   Navara Kizhi
  Matra Vasthi   Gandoosham   Ulsadanam 
  Nasyam   Podikizhi     Udwarthanam
  Abhyangam    Elakizhi    Anjanam
  Pizhichil   Ekanga Dhara   Aschyotanam
  Pichu   Dhoomapanam   Mukha Lepam
  Vamanam   Siro Vasthi   Kati Vasthi
  Sneha Vasthi   Navara Thepu   Kashaya Vasthi

Identification and Study of selected Herbs

Preparation of Medicines

  Kashayam (Decoction)

  Swarasam (Juices)

  Choornam (Herbal Powder)

  Thailam (Medicated oils)

  Ghritam (Medicated Ghee)

  Ksheera Kashayam (Milk decoction



  Words and Sentence Making

  Vibhakti and Tenses

  Reading of Scriptures.