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An Intensive Educational Programme for Ayurveda students

This is an yearly educational programme organized for Ayurveda students in India and abroad. The purpose of the program is to draw the students' attention to realize the profound principles and depth of Ayurveda imparting knowledge in the traditional method of learning – Gurukula.

Following topics were covered in the previous Training Programs

In the year 2000 : Moolasidhantha (Basic principles)

In the year 2001 : Sareera (Ayurvedic perspective of human body)

In the year 2002 : Nidana & Chikitsa (Diagnosis & Treatment)

In the year 2003 : Moolasidhantha (Basic principles)
In the year 2012 : Moolasidhantha (Basic principles)
In the year 2013 : Nidana Based on Charaka Samhita
In the year 2014 : Chikitsa Based on Charaka Samhita

More than 100 participants from various colleges in India with their accompanying teachers and 10-15 participants from abroad attended each time.

The participants are put into an Ayurveda way of life, which includes Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Bhajans, Homa (rituals) and spoken Sanskrit.

Main objectives

  To put the student through a rigorous study program to realize the need for internal discipline to master the tenets of Ayurveda

  To make the student well equipped to understand the concepts of Ayurveda life style, diagnosis and treatment

  To expose the students to great masters through guest lectures and resource persons

  To expose the students to the changing world scenario as far as Ayurveda is concerned and the need to become excellent physicians

Next Programme

   After a few years gap, the next program has been scheduled for June-July 2012.

   The topic of the next program will be Panchakarma and Supplementary Therapies.

   Those who are interested may contact us and reserve your seats in advance. Details will be given later.