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One of our master projects is the wide educational network program in Ayurveda and Yoga with a firm footing in allied disciplines, opening satellite centres in India and abroad. To fulfil this endeavour we do welcome individuals or institutions having similar ideas and vision to liaise or collaborate with us.

Another project is the promotion of Health Centres incorporating Ayurveda and Yoga.

• We do support those who are committed to these objectives with necessary technical resources and guidelines to conduct courses and develop Health Centres
• Those who complete the course at Arsha are more privileged to open centres in their respective countries, affiliated /registered to Arsha
• We do maintain certain standards in the education and health practices we offer, and expect the same from those who work with us


• Those who liaise with us will be eligible to conduct courses designed by us in the same pattern
• Certificates will be issued by us for those who successfully complete the course
• We will provide all facilities for conducting practical training at Arsha during the course period
• We will offer technical assistance like Teachers, Yoga experts, Doctors, therapists, medicines, treatment materials and other technical assistance