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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Yoga your institution is offering - Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga?
We do not put Yoga in any brand name. Ashtanga Yoga – "Yoga with eight limbs or practices" is the classical method explained in authentic scriptures. Choosing a brand name is just giving focus on a particular branch or area isolating it from the rest. The study of Yoga becomes systematic and perfect, if the Classics combined with tradition, is followed. The method we follow is the traditional system practiced over many centuries as taught in the scriptures. We do not touch anything unauthentic.
What preparations do I need for attending your classes - like reading some books on Ayurveda /Yoga etc?
Since we start teaching from the very basic level like learning of Alphabets, you need not come prepared with half-baked knowledge. Moreover, things will also get more complicated with some vague ideas.
Normally how many students register for a course?
The number of students varies from time to time. In order to give individual attention we restrict the maximum number of students to ten.
If I have learnt Ayurveda or Yoga before, which course of yours will best suit me?
If you have learnt before, you may have to tell us the areas that you would like to focus and also the duration that you may be able to spend. In that case, your course will be separated from others and our faculty is capable of imparting knowledge at any higher level.
How do you diagnose a disease without any Clinical Investigations?
Ayurveda has its own methods of diagnosing diseases based on its logic. Signs and symptoms appearing on the person are the indications to confirm the disease. Modern Clinical investigations may be some times useful and complimentary but we do not fully rely upon them.
Do you have treatments for even new diseases?
Ayurveda has its own method of approaching all kinds of diseases. As much one goes exploring into the logics, so much he becomes an expert physician. Hence, new diseases are not a threat or challenge.
Is it important to study Sanskrit to understand Ayurveda and Yoga better?
In the higher studies Sanskrit is indispensable, but at the basic level one can manage even without it. A basic understanding of alphabets and reading knowledge is useful at all levels.